Driving in Tricky Weather

windshield replacement Richmond HillAt Richmond Hill Windshield Replacement we have come up with some of the most asked questions and answers to help our readers make the best auto glass related decisions and to get informed about their vehicle. TO read some of these auto glass frequently asked questions and answers check out our Auto Glass FAQ page. Getting your car ready for winter has two main goals. The first reason is to create a safe environment for yourself and your passengers to drive in during bad weather conditions which most people already know. The other is that when the adverse weather starts you will already be ready and wont have to wait in long lines at tire shops or auto service shops and you wont have a sudden delay in your life. Here we have listed the top priorities that you must attend to before entering the winter months.

auto-tiresWinter tires – winter tires must be on before entering the winter months and have good amount of tread.

auto-batteryBattery – A reliable battery is always needed to start a car and getting a boost isn’t always easy in the winter.

auto-brakesBrakes – check your brakes to see that you have sufficient life on them for the winter season. And make sure the brake fluid is topped up

auto-filtersFilters – make sure all filters are changed so that nothing clogs the engine.

auto-lightsLights – proper working lights help you spot black ice.

auto-antifreezeAnti-freeze – Without it your windshield will freeze and you will have limited visibility.

auto-defrosterDefroster – You need to use your defroster in case your windshield freezes over night because your wipers wont work and you wont be able to drive.

auto-beltsBelts and hoses – belts and hoses are a very common repair on all makes and models but particularly older cars and a breakdown of any kind is disastrous in freezing weather so keeping on top of these small issues saves a headache in the future months.

windshield-wipersWindshield wipers – It is very important to change the wipers often because they are subject to wear and tear and could fall apart soon. You should also see if the blades are still stroking the windshield properly.

If you can take into account all of the above details before every winter you shouldn’t have any problems and have a worry free winter driving experience.