Interesting Story

Check out our auto glass replacement services in Markham by going to windshield replacement Markham, or if your vehicle is old and you want to scrap it check out auto wreckers Toronto. A crazy news story made me want to share a really creepy crime done by a drunk woman. An unsolved case came into light when the police was tipped about it leading them to the missing man who was hit by a drunken woman. The woman said that she had panicked and drove her vehicle to her home for almost up to three miles with the severely wounded man stuck in her windshield. She did not report to police and instead parked her vehicle in the garage, while the injured man with his broken legs begged for medical aid. The man died after two days. The woman was arrested and the car was found in her garage with proof of blood and the victim’s hair suck in the windshield. However, she was released on bond and could face up to life imprisonment if convicted of murder. She had the body buried in a park close to her home, with the help of some friends, where as , the vehicle seats were burned.  It is expected that they too will face charges for this. This case is termed as highly an inhuman and heartless act of brutality. However, the woman’s lawyer is pleading for a lesser penalty.