What you should know before getting a windshield replacement

There is a 90% chance that your windshield can be repaired successfully after being struck by a projectile such as a rock. This is important to know because so many drivers get windshield replacements unnecessarily when they could be repaired for much cheaper. Another plus about getting your windshield repaired is that insurance companies favour it because it ensures that you are not driving around with a cracked windshield that can easily spread and cause much more damage to the vehicle and/or owner. Many insurance companies will even pay for the chip repair and it wont affect your premiums at all, just a free chip repair.

A very important tip is to have a specialized technician that only deals with windshield cracks and chips to avoid the up-sale tactic of pressuring you into buying a brand new windshield for safety reasons, but truly you don’t need a new one at all. At Richmond Hill Auto Glass we do professional auto glass chip repairs at a very affordable cost as well as professional windshield replacement in Richmond Hill. If you are located in Oakville we recommend you check out GZone Auto Glass Oakville. They offer professional chip repair as well as windshield repair in Oakville. GZone Auto Glass Oakville Address: 1380 Speers Road Unit#5, Oakville, Ontario, L6L 5V3 | Telephone: 905-469-4422

The first misconception is that all windshields are the same. They are not, the manufacturer installs thicker glass and seals it professionally when it is first built. An aftermarket windshield is usually thinner. It also doesn’t usually fit perfectly and has to be forced in the frame of the vehicle.

The second misconception about windshields is the assumption that it is not a part of the safety system of the vehicle. In case of emergencies, the windshield acts as a barrier between projectiles outside and your face. It also keeps you inside the vehicle when involved in an accident. In the event of a rollover, the windshield protects the passengers from being sandwiched under the roof.

Many people also are unaware that they cannot drive the vehicle immediately after the new windshield is replaced. The windshield is secured by a powerful adhesive that takes at least 2 hours to dry, and could take in excess of 24 hours. The mold can move or shift side to side leaving the windshield unsecured and misplaced until it dries and has leaks which could lead to electrical failure or bad weather control.

Finally, most automobile owners think that it is mandatory to take the vehicle to the insurance companies auto glass shop. This is not true, you are the legal owner of the vehicle and that gives you the right to get your windshield replaced where you feel comfortable.

Our windshield repair and replacement experts are ready to assist you with auto glass replacement in Peterborough, we will also check if we can repair your auto glass in Peterborough before replacing it.